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Poet Of The Month

Below you can read poem(s) from this month’s selected “Poet Of The Month.”

Tina Cornelius is the first to send me some of her prose’. So here they are.


By Tina Cornelius

Hunger… for touching, tasting, feeling, sensuality extreme, thrills of emotion.

Fear… of life, of change, of being right and choosing wrong.

Need… to play in the shadows, to pull it in and hold it close, to choose your heart instead of your soul.

Loneliness… cold and deep, clinging loosely, seeping inward, numbing as it goes.

Angst… about wasting time, about being alone, forever, about needing anything this much and being without it.

Focus… fixation on, eyes returning to, awareness of, fascination with and longing for… Everything.

“Life is short, so take your pleasures when you can… once they’ve been yours, no one can ever take them away.”


By Tina Cornelius

Suffering and Darkness engulf all… Ghosts of the past haunt my todays… waiting for tomorrow… holding me close.

Shadows in the sunlight… cool tendrils of darkness, swirling through my soul.

In my heart time slows, while life rushes past my eyes… the past superimposed over the present.

Imbalance… cofusion… creep into my mind. Sapphires in the distance, Hope renewed, memory served.

Love is the only magic… it makes you feel alive.

Everything else… is existing.

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