VinZant Family

This Website was estabilshed in order to share information and stories of my family history.

DNA Project

Here is some information on
Family Tree DNA.

There is a family surname project at Family Tree DNA under the name Van Zandt which includes all the variations. Like, Van Sant, Van Zant, Vansant, Vanzandt, Vanzant, Vinsant and Vinzant. The purpose of this project is to chart a family tree using DNA markers.

Family Tree DNA will test the Y-DNA allowing you to identify your ethnic and geographic origins, both recent and far distant on your direct male descending line. There are a number of tests ranging in price from as little as $99 up to $935 these test will check from Y-DNA12 markers to Y-DNA67. In addition the Y-DNA tests there are the mtDNA, HVR1 and HVR2 tests for females and the female lineage of males. Which also verifies possible Native American and African ancestry. Males can also take the mtDNA test.

For more information on this go to:

The above link is for the surname Van Zandt. If you join this surname project you will get the above mentioned prices else you will have to pay a higher price.

For those of the Cornelius family line, “my maternal line”, there is a family project for you at:

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